Chakra Enlightenment Festival.

Whether you are a beginner, or already have some knowledge about your Chakras, this is the perfect place for you.

A full-day retreat that will help you understand what Chakras are, why and how to balance them with colours, food, yoga asanas, Mantras, affirmations, and much more!

What to expect at the festival:
Introduction and cheat sheet to understanding Chakras
Seed Mantra meditation
Mudras and breathwork
Elements of Nature
a. Earthing/Grounding technique
b. Water Manifestation
c. Sky Gazing
d. Ecstatic Dance by the fire pit
Intention jar workshop with crystals and herbs
Create your personal affirmations
Sound bath
Chakra foods

Special Venue:
This amazing event is happening at a Wootton Park Yurt, surrounded by 360 acres of beautiful countryside. The perfect location to enjoy and take-away the good vibes of the day.

The Festival ends with ecstatic dance around the firepit.

Pallavi Prasad, an award-winning Manifestation, Mindset, and Mindfulness Coach; author of the revolutionary Bedtime Prompts; Reiki, and Pranic Healer. Pallavi has not only been practicing and manifesting miracles in her own life for over 15 years, but has also helped others to live their dream lives through coaching, workshops and retreats.

Heart Cruz – Sound therapist and meditation facilitator
Akshata Shetty – Yoga therapist and breathwork facilitator

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