The Manor the Henley-in-Arden on the County of Warwick.

The Manor the Henley-in-Arden on the County of Warwick
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Notice is hereby given that a Court Baron & Court Leet of the said Manor will be held at the Guild Hall, Henley-in-Arden on Wednesday the 8th November 2023 at 7.30pm where the election of the officers will take place.

Nomination for the offices must be handed in to the Steward of the Manor by 100am on the 3rd November 2023.

Resident townspeople may apply to the Steward for enrolment on to the list of jurors.

All townspeople are invited to attend.

In Mediaeval times the Court Leet, under the direction of the Lord of the Manor, was responsible for law and order in the town, to try by jury and punish crimes committed within the jurisdiction. Some of its many tasks included checking the weights and measures and the quality of goods offered for sale by the tradesmen in the town. Today the Court Leet maintains the traditions and history of the town.

The Annual Court is held in the Guildhall on the evening of the second Wednesday of November each year. This ancient meeting is open to the public and is attended by burgesses of the town who act as jurors to elect the officers of the Court.