Henley Ice Cream.

One of the town’s most popular tourist attractions – which seats up to 40 people for snacks, drinks and 50 of the famous Henley Ice Cream flavours – has a celebrated history.

Housed in a 16th century building, the company began trading in 1932 when two brothers, Harry and Arthur Fathers, purchased the Henley milk round and small grocer’s shop from the Hewins family, who had been trading under the Tudor Dairies name since 1893. The brothers started to diversify into making ice cream in 1934, and in 1937 they won the Facchino Silver Challenge Cup for the best ice cream in the country. The dairy transformed itself into an ice cream parlour and soon after, the number of visitors at weekends was so great that they employed people to control the crowds outside.

When Arthur and Harry retired in 1959, the business was sold to Ross Foods, who in turn sold Tudor Dairies in 1991 to a group of businessmen who moved the manufacture away from Henley to Stourbridge. The company was placed into receivership in 1997 before finally being dissolved in 2004. The Henley Ice Cream shop however was thankfully saved by being taken back into private ownership by Cindy and Steve Brittain, who have the ice cream made on Midlands farms using traditional recipes and quality ingredients. The business – as successful again as it ever was – continues to thrive and is run by Cindy Brittan and her daughter Emily Adams.

More information: www.henleyicecream.co.uk