Methodist Church.

Methodist services were first held in a building behind a house on the present site in 1891. In the same year the first trustees were elected, and they purchased the entire property in May 1892. The chapel building was begun in January 1894 and was completed and opened on 26th July that year. The old mission room behind the church became the Sunday School. Ten years later the mission room was pulled down and a new Sunday school room was built.

Local chemist and railway enthusiast T. R. Perkins (1872-1952) was a devoted Methodist who preached over 1,900 services. From 1894 onwards he was a Sunday school teacher, superintendent, chapel steward and trustee’s treasurer at the church. He is best known to railway enthusiasts as the contributor of detailed and thoughtful articles on some of the country’s lesser-known railway branch lines. He also set himself the unique task of travelling over the whole railway system of the British Isles covering some 22,000 miles. “No-one had done so before,” he maintained. “With the curtailment of services, no-one will ever do so again.”

Henley Community Library is a private not-for-profit company established in the Old School Room in 2012, following the decision by Warwickshire County Council that it could no longer afford to run the service.

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