The Mount.

The Mount is a Scheduled Ancient Monument of 41 acres which includes the earthwork remains of Beaudesert Castle, part of the medieval deer park and associated fishponds. The value of its position, offering extensive views of the then-wild Forest of Arden, meant that it was occupied by local British tribes, followed by the Romans and then the Saxons.

Beaudesert Castle was begun in the early 12th century by the De Montfort family, who were lords of the manor for both Henley and Beaudesert. Repairs were made to the portico of the hall in 1411, but by the early 16th century the castle had fallen into ruins. An archaeological investigation of the site was undertaken by Channel 4’s Time Team in 2001 with permission from Historic England. There are now public footpaths over the Mount which form part of The Heart of England and Millennium Ways.